February 9, 2007

Stay With Me Christo and The Shortest Month

Two years ago, at some point in February, I got on a train to NYC to see what Christo had down to my hometown. I took the 1 or the 9 up from Penn Station and walked into the Park on the west side. I looked left and right, and had two thoughts: One, the wide, empty boulevards surrounded by relentlessly uniform flag-type things had turned the park into an out-take of Triumph of the Will. Two, this was a lot of orange. I then immediately noted the lack of odd camera angles and stopped thinking of Nazis, and my inner gay man said, rather sternly, “Not orange. Saffron.”

I walked all through the park, becoming drunk on how all my familiar places looked silly and grand. The New Yorker had the best review even if I can’t remember what it said. Which is, I think, the point of Christo. The details escape you, but the silly, giddy, gee-wiz, he wrapped Pont Neuf feeling stays behind.

It was a nice day and it has been on my mind because I think February demands one really nice day, when you call in sick, go to a movie, haunt a museum or buy lavender coffee. I’m not going to have that day this year because I am trying to save a manuscript that’s due soon. I am looking at the possibility that, for the first time ever, I will miss a deadline. So I’ve been coasting on my memory of two years ago. If you were to take a day in February, what would you do? Also, just out of selfish curiosity, have you ever missed a deadline? If so, what happened? Enjoy all the orange!

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